Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo Book

So I've finally completed this for my mom, and of course this is the ONLY thing that's kept me from blogging :))
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jordan's 4 months, Build-a-Bear

Jordan started out big, but quickly became our littlest pip-squeak! He weighed in at 12 lbs 10 oz (6%) and measured 25.3 inches. Jaeden and Jayce were a pound heavier and Jaxon 3 pounds heavier at this age. Look here at Jaxon's 4 months!
Loving those fingers!!
The boys got a new build-a-bear for Christmas, and we had fun going to fill them at the mall. Jordan was a great trooper as usual!

Jayce getting his monkey filled!

Jax a little nervous about helping fill his puppy!
The puppy went back a few weeks later for repairs!

Jaeden was so excited to have a dog build-a bear! It was also his weekend to take care of Bobo the monkey from his Kindergarten class.

He built him a chair at the table and made sure to feed Bobo.

After build-a-bear, they enjoyed playing at the Mall.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas - Old Town Spring

This year we went to visit Santa in Old Town Spring, instead of at the mall. The boys wore green and their Santa hats.

Not to be missed of course are Jaxon's 'Super Why' glasses. After his sunglasses phase came the Super Why glasses, that he wore day and night. Yes, he would fall asleep in his green glasses.  Joel was worried he'd go cross-eyed, and would hide the glasses from him.

Jayce and Jaeden hiding in the trees while waiting to see Santa.

Of course, Jordan was there ... sound asleep.

The boys love pony rides!
Jaeden and Jaxon

Jax Jax loves animals! Horses are one of his favorites!
Jaxon and Jayce

All three riding their ponies.

They have complimentary carriage rides at Christmas time. We went 2 weekends to enjoy the free rides. Here Aunt Christy was visiting. The horse pulling the carriage right behind us didn't think we were going fast enough, and he kept nudging our carriage.

That's JoJo's head in the bottom right corner -
For whatever reason, he screamed most of the trip!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jordan 3 months, Jaeden K Thanksgiving and more

Jordan loves to smile at 3 months!

And he is trying to grow that hair!!

Jayce is in a "take my picture" phase, and requests pictures regularly.
Here he is with his Star Wars puzzles that he just completed!

 Jaxon after a fun outing to Chick-fil-A. He would not let us take his ice cream even though he was sleeping.  We tried and tried, but he would wake up and demand it back!!
Jaeden was a pilgrim in his Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program.
He did great singing and smiling!

He was on the top and end of the row because his teacher always
said how reliable and responsible he was.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baylor Homecoming 2011

 The boys now look forward to our annual Baylor trip. They love watching the parade and of course gathering as much candy as possible. It always starts off cold, but the sun heats up very quickly!!

Me and sleepy JoJo

The boys and Debbie
The best family pic we got. 
One of my college roommates, Jenn with her 3 kids. Her older 2 are the same age as Jaeden and Jayce. Not easy to capture a good picture with 7 kids, 6 and under!!

Jaeden enjoying the Bear Pit

Jayce relaxing with the bears!

"Can you see the Bear???"

We also love staying at my Aunt Mary's house each year. It makes for a fun weekend with family and friends!


The boys remembered this game from the year before and were excited to play it again!!! Obviously, my aunt's house had girls because we don't own anything like this with a house of boys!
These will make for quality blackmail pictures in the future :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Jaeden's Hall of Fame

Jaeden was so excited to make into the first Hall of Fame at school. The counselor encourages different character traits each 9 weeks, responsibility, service, etc. When the kids show these, the teachers hand out 'red stars.' When you collect enough, you make it into the Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Famer's get a shirt and parade around the school with music. Jaeden was thrilled although his face is very serious in the video.

Jaeden and Madison, who was also in his class
his entourage...
(the sunglasses are still there!!)
Does EVERYTHING by the book at school, and I wish it were that way at home :)
Mr. Serious! I couldn't even get him to look at us!

Monday, October 31, 2011


The boys love dressing up, so Halloween is always fun. They have so much dress up, that I just tell them to go get whatever they want to be.  For Trunk or Trea,t Jaeden decided to go as Peter Pan again, Jayce was a skeleton, and then our baseball player to be JaxJax.
Sitting in the "trunk" after getting their candy.
JoJo was dressed as a pirate like Jax 2 years ago, but there are no pics :( 
On Halloween Night, Jayce wanted to be everything. He settled for Santa Anakin with a bat shirt underneath for Batman and a skeleton glove for the Skeleton.  No one was quite sure what he was when they answered the door. He had a blast though!!!

The fighting boys

Our Green Power Ranger!!!

Trying to combine several pics into one. 
The younger boys wearing their big bro/little bro shirts,
and the pumpkins we carved...

 Jaeden wanted a regular Jack-o-lantern.

The pirate pumpkin Jayce wanted with the littlest jojo.